2016 the Stepping Stone year and beyond.

2016 wasn’t a bad year nor was it a great year, but it was solid. I discovered many things about myself this year like my immense love for photography or just being creative in general. Along with that, I solved many personal battles that I was dealing with for many years prior. I grew substantially as person and as a father and for that I’m thankful for 2016 but I’m ready to say goodbye and welcome the new year.  

What are my goals for 2017?

Before the turn of the year we always seem to make goals that we are trying to achieve in the new year and I’m no different. This blog is a perfect platform to hold myself truly accountable for the goals going into 2017. I have narrowed down my goals to 3 categories: Health, Creative, and Value.


  1. Implement more stretching and recovery into my workout routines to help alleviate some injuries I've neglected.
  2. Establish a meditation schedule and continue to read as much as possible instead of consuming media.


  1. Push the boundaries of my Photography and express myself more creatively in every faucet of my life.
  2. Get into a regular posting schedule for this blog to help build my online presence and spread my content.


  1.  Continue to evolve in my job skills and too increase my knowledge in my professions.
  2.  Get better at balancing  my jobs with pushing myself creativity all while being a family man.  

2017 is just a few hours away and honestly I couldn't be more excited.  Let's bring in the New Year with open arms and be ready to wake up a better version of ourselves every day!


See you Next Year,

- Chris Ramsey Jr. (@chris.ramsey.jr)