Exploring Congaree National Park

After living in South Carolina for nearing half a decade, I finally made the time to visit the "Most unknown" National park in the country, Congaree. I've always been a mountain person myself but how could I possibly leave the state in the next year without at least going once, so I rounded up my good friend Shawn, packed my camera gear, grabbed a coat, and we were off. 


As we arrive we were about two hours from sunset. We greeted the local ranger in the park HQ and got much needed directions to navigate quickly to the iconic Boardwalk. We did a 3 mile loop covering the Boardwalk and the Bluff trail which was a portion of land that was elevated about 10 feet higher than the rest of the park (this is park is FLAT, but hey it's a swamp haha). While we saw some interesting landscapes but overall I was underwhelmed in comparison to the Appalachia that is only an extra two hours away. We still had a great time and I managed to get some solid pictures. 

For the causal outdoors enthusiast this park would be a blast especially with young ones who can't handle the rigors of mountain trails, just make sure you go in the winter when the mosquitoes are gone!